Introduction Reconnect.Africa is a platform where African Innovators come together to identify challenges, opportunities and come up with or implement African solutions to African problems. We’re beyond borders and aware that there is a need to create Industry 4.0 product, solutions and services that will enable Africans to meaningfully take part in the Digital Economy as inventors and solution providers and not only as consumers. Why Reconnect.Africa Our 5 Cs: The Partnership for 21st Century Learning (P21) is an organisation that was formed by a coalition that included members of the national business community, education leaders, and policymakers to develop a framework for the 21st Century. Out of this came the Four Cs skills which we have adopted as founding guidelines and included in the building of Reconnect.Africa: 1. Critical Thinking  Academy – for E-Skills and decentralised learning 2. Creativity  Problem solving competitions, challenges and ‘designathons’ 3. Collaboration  Opportunities  Member Passport  Crowd Funding 4. Communication  Chat/Messenger  African Languages Library  Discussion forums We added a 5th C to the list in order to ‘bring it home.’ It is based on the principle of Ubuntu – the ancient African philosophy “I am because you are”. To truly drive Africa forward, Reconnect.Africa will put the community at the heart of everything we do. Cybersecurity, lethal indifference of AI robots and digital exclusion are some of the concerns 4IR brings along; Ubuntu, therefore, represents a mind-set with which innovations should be developed and deployed. 5. Community  Events  Membership